Sunday, March 29, 2009


Most of the houses in US have garage, every body knows about it. Lots of the people use their garage to be a storage space rather than a car parking space, every body knows about it too. I realize it for many years, but I don't see too many people talk about it. Recently, I walked around my neighborhood, I found one of my neighbor has done such thing. I always notice this neighbor and his family park their car outside of their house. By the way, their cars are better than a normal popular sedan. I thought the point they park the cars outside is because they have a bigger family. One day, I passed by their house, and their garage door was wide opened, there were 3 used toilet seats right in the middle of their garage space like the body guards, plus there were lots of not expensive stuffs. Of course, being polite, I shouldn't look into their space. But 3 used toilet seats vs a luxury car, what the value contrast? I don't need to say too much. I am sure they have the reason, and that's their property. I don't have right to say anything about their place......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We were heading south on Sunday. First we made a stop in Pala Casino, first time been there; and then we went to Armstrong nursery in Carlsbad. Every year by this time, this nursery has grown a kind of beautiful flowers in various vivid color. Weather was very nice and comfortable. Walking in the field, smell the flowers, nice thing. The bad thing was every time, I forgot the name of the flower.